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Ride day 10: Charleston to Murcheson

Two days in a row was a bit much to ask for. Today’s forecast called for rainfall of up to an inch an hour, along with wind gusts of up to 60 km / h. Time to revise our plans. The bad stuff was scheduled for late morning, and growing worse as we travelled inland along our planned route, so we decided to stay along to coast to the town of Westport, and detoured to a couple of stops along the way. Our planned 110 km with tons of climbing turned into a relaxing 45 km.

Our first stop was at Cape Foulwind, named by the famous Captain Cook. He chose the name either after difficult seas and winds prevented him from landing, or from the aftereffects of his first-ever steak burrito. The historical records are a bit unclear.

The girls met us there and we went for a nature walk along the bluffs, enjoying the views and exploring the plant life along the way.


My photographer doing her thing


After our tour of the area we hopped back on the bikes and rode to a seal colony down the way. The lookout point is located high above the rookery. Looking down we initially couldn’t see anything, but after awhile the seals became apparent. Their color blended in so naturally with the rocks that they were difficult to spot.


View from the lookout


Zoomed way in

The rain started in earnest as we were loading back into the van. Having timed the rain almost perfectly we headed into the town off Westport for lunch and a little sightseeing.  Finally we headed along the Buller River on the road we had hoped to ride. It’s a shame we couldn’t ride it as it would have been beautiful on a sunny day.

Tomorrow’s forecast  looks better, with a dicey bit in the morning and sun in the afternoon. Two riding days left!