Ride day 9 – Hokatiki to Charleston, cruising along the beach

Mother Nature smiled upon us today. That bright yellow orb in the sky finally showed itself, leading to absolutely marvelous views as rode North along the coast.

Yesterday was a really nice rest day, with bacon and eggs for breakfast, hair solon sessions for the ladies, a trip to the local gold mining museum for the boys, a nice nap, and basically a lot of time to recover from 6 consecutive days of riding. We spent some time at a local jade shop. In a small-world coincidence, the jade carver is the brother of Jos’s brother in law. We found a couple of nice pieces of jewelry made from local New Zealand jade right here in Hokitika.

DSCF2508 - Copy

Packing the van

Today brought a more significant ride challenge: 112 km with over 1,000 meters of climbing, most of it at the end of the day. The scenery more than made up for any tired legs though. We found a couple of lighter moments during the day.


Goofiness on the road


Terry on the railroad bridge


Uhhh, fill in your own tag line…

Most of the day we rode along the coast, with views that would make Big Sur jealous. If we had to pick a day for sunshine, this was a great choice.



Pancake Rocks was the highlight of the day. We took an extended break at this spot, going for a walk on an incredible rock formation jutting out into the ocean. The pancake rock formation is a bit of a geological oddity. Nobody really knows how the formations happened. At high tide blow holes shoot through the rocks. It’s really quite stunning, and with the sunshine and the company it was even nicer.



We stayed at a roadside motel run by a lady who is either extremely nice or really lonely. Maybe both. She talked our ears off, gave us tons of free stuff, and plied Amy with free champagne.

Shortly before sunset Jos, Amy and I went down to the local beach and took sunset pictures.



Finally, we stumbled upon a 19th century graveyard. We wandered around after dark under a full moon. Freddie Kruger never showed his face, but I think we got lucky.