A smorgasbord of delights

Jos led us on an incredibly varied expedition today, covering as wide an array of terrain as we’ve ever experienced in one day. Here was today’s itnierary:

  • We started inland at Lake Tekapo, following a river through a series of hydroelectric dams
  • We got a brief glimpse of the ever cloud-covered Mt. Cook from the shore of Lake Pukaki
  • Drove to the ocean and played around the amazing Moeraki Boulders
  • Had lunch at Fleur’s Place, apparently a renowned seafood place know to foodies world-wide
  • Drove to Dunedin farther down the coast to see the Octagon Square in the center of town
  • And finally drove to Owaka at the far Southern tip of New Zealand.

Here are a few shots to capture some of the moments.

The crew hoping to catch one last glimpse of Mt. Cook
Shopping and coffee in front of the Steampunk engine
The remarkable Meoraki Boulders, spherical boulders emerging from the beach


Somebody loves me…


Traveling along the shoreline


Amy signing the wall at Fleur’s Place
Robert Burns, Scottish poet and author of Auld Lang Syne

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